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Contact Ivium if you have any questions regarding the performance of your Ivium Potentiostat or your application and we will be happy to help. You may contact your local distributor, or contact us directly at:

If you send us an e-mail, please provide the following information:

  • Your potentiostat serial number
  • Your country location and the institute or company to which you are affiliated
  • The software and firmware version that you are using
  • Attach any relevant data files that you feel may be helpful

Software update

Click the link below to download the full installation of the latest version IviumSoft. We update our software regularly and it is always a good idea to use the most recent version. Check the Release Notes for the most significant changes to the latest version of IviumSoft.

Software – New generation!

Ivium has developed a new generation IviumSoft: the same trusted and intuitive user interface, yet a more stable platform and many new features!

An introduction on the new generation 4 IviumSoft, as well as installation instructions, are given in this document:

The new generation IviumSoft can be downloaded here:

(NOTE: This is a full installation package. You can download and install this, regardless if you already have an IviumSoft version installed or not. If you do already have IviumSoft installed, you do not have to worry: all your datafiles are safe, these will not be affected).

(NOTE2: IviumSoft is fully supported for Windows versions 7 and newer. If you are running older Windows (XP or Vista), some dependencies may be required; contact Ivium for assistance).

(NOTE3: This full installation package contains and automatically installs IviumSoft and all necessary drivers for operation. It may be necessary to temporarily deactivate programs such as virus scanners to allow this installation).

Release Notes


IviumSoft development driver

Manuals & Instructions

The Ivium user manual, IviumSoft release notes, as well as instruction notes can be downloaded here:

Application notes

The following application notes can be downloaded in PDF:

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