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Software update

Click the link below to download the full installation of the latest version IviumSoft. We update our software regularly and it is always a good idea to use the most recent version. For information on recent changes and additions to the software, see the Release Notes below.

NOTE: This software download is a full installation package. You can download and install this, regardless if you already have an IviumSoft version installed or not. If you do already have IviumSoft installed, you do not have to worry: all your datafiles are safe, these will not be affected).

NOTE2: IviumSoft is fully supported for Windows versions 8 and newer. If you are running older Windows (7, XP or Vista), some dependencies may be required; contact Ivium for assistance.

NOTE3: This full installation package contains and automatically installs IviumSoft and all necessary drivers for operation. It may be necessary to temporarily deactivate programs such as virus scanners to allow this installation.

NOTE4: IviumSoft checks the instrument firmware upon connection to the software. If there is a mismatch, you will be prompted with a warning pop-up. If this occurs, you can easily upgrade the firmware by following the simple instructions in the interactive help file, the quick guide.


IviLab download

IviLab is an ideal data analysis tool to use with IviumSoft when you are using large or multiple datasets. If you want to display your data from multiple channels in different views, overlay data for comparison, or customize your data representation and graphing options, then IviLab is the tool for you!

Click the link below to download the installation of the latest version of IviLab and the corresponding help file.


Quick Start Instructions

The Ivium quick guides (below) give a brief introduction of installation, connection, and operation of your Ivium instrument, as well as an overview of the IviumSoft user interface:

Detailed instruction and guidance on operation, as well as all specifications of our instruments, are given in the digital help file/manual that is included in your IviumSoft. This is accessed via the ‘ Help’ menu in the IviumSoft toolbar. The most recent version is also available for download via the link in the ‘Interactive Ivium help file/manual’ section below.


Interactive Ivium help file/manual

In addition to the brief overview of the IviumSoft user interface that is given in the Quick guide to Ivium (see above under Quick Start Instructions), in-depth information is given in the digital help file/manual that is included in your IviumSoft.

There you will find instructions on the installation of potentiostats and modules, their instrument specifications, and how to operate them. In addition, detailed information on how to use IviumSoft and all its functions regarding the use of all electrochemical techniques and measurement methods, data representation and evaluation, etc., is described.

You can download the latest version of this help file below. Copy and replace the existing IviumSoft.chm file in the root IviumStat installation folder on your hard drive.

To access the digital help file/manual, open your IviumSoft and press “F1”. The help file is partly content-sensitive so indicating with your cursor an area or subject in the IviumSoft user interface and subsequently pressing “F1” will open the help file on the relevant subject.


Compatibility Overview

The compatibility overview shows the range of available Ivium instruments and modules, and their compatibility to operate together. You can access it below:


PC Requirements

The PC resources used during installation and operation of IviumSoft are minimal. However, during long-term measurements and/or the operation of multi-channel instruments, some processing power is required for real-time data acquisition. For this, we suggest to use a recent PC or laptop which is running Windows 8 or newer.

For a short overview of our PC requirements, please see the document below:


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For information on our products and services, please fill in the information request form below.


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