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It happens frequently that a product or service is desired that just isn’t a standard product. In such a case feel free to inquire with us whether your wishes can be met. For example:

  • If you wish different connectors on your cell cable, we may be able to manufacture a cell cable up to your specifications.
  • On your request we can buy accessories, such as electrodes, RDE, QCM, consumables, etc. from a third party, so that you can receive everything in one order.
  • You may have need for a specific technique or analysis method. We may be able to extend our IviumSoft to include your desires.
  • Etc.

Standard cell cables, and communication cables for all Ivium instruments and modules
Convenient connection via the cell cable, or direct to the cell connector, for easy battery testing
Ivium Magnetic Clamping Flat cell for corrosion studies on magnetic surfaces
Standard test cells for instrument diagnostics
Metal, isolated, and heavy duty electrode clips suited for your application
Power adapters for all Ivium instruments
Optical bench with adjustable clamps for fixating ModuLight and cell, suitable for photo-electrochemical applications
Ivium Faraday cage
Carrying cases for safe and convenient transport of instruments between testing locations
Special software feature or 3rd party products to compliment your complete electrochemical test system

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