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External CompactStat boosters

External CompactStat boosters

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Product description

The Plus range of modules increase the power of the CompactStat. The simply connect in front of the CompactStat in-line with the cell cable. The combination of the potentiostat and a Plus module form the CompactStatPlus. In order to operate a Plus-module, a CompactStat is required.

The Plus-module is available in two models:

  • Plus: ±250mA@±20V
  • Plus II: ±800mA@±8V/±500mA@±10V

The Plus-module is a separate module that is designed to increase the power capacity of the CompactStat. This will allow the CompactStat to be used with full potentiostat power. The modularity of the Plus-module still allows the CompactStat to be used separately, thus not losing any of its portable applications! Because of its power requirements the CompactStatPlus needs a power adapter that connects to the grid.

The CompactStatPlus has all the same features and accuracy of the separate CompactStat, but adds the 100 mA current range.

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Model comparison

Plus module (±250mA/±20V)
Plus II module (±800mA/±10V)
System performance
Current compliance
Maximum compliance voltage
Maximum applied voltage
Current ranges
±10nA to ±100mA
±10nA to ±1A

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