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Multi-channel Vertex

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Unique benefits of the Vertex on multiple channels in one portable instrument

Available as a 4-channel instrument: 4 x ±30mA/±10V

Optional FRA/EIS: 10µHz to 1MHz

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Product description

Affordable solution

The affordability and versatility of the Vertex range has been extended to a multi-channel portable instrument in the form of the Vertex.Q, an entry level 4-channel potentiostat/galvanostat with optional FRA/EIS. Its price easily matches its application in a variety of electrochemical applications. A complete suite of IviumSoft control and data processing software is included as standard (for Windows based PCs).

Wide application range

The robust design, and the availability of a wide range of electrochemical techniques makes the Vertex ideal for many applications, including:

  • educational
  • routine electrochemistry and analysis
  • batteries
  • corrosion
  • sensors
  • biotechnology
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