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Product description

The Ivium Technologies  HiMUX.XR multiplexer can work individual cells with 2, 3 and 4 electrodes and a WE2 (BipotentioStat, optional). It has 8 channels and multiplexer units can be stacked so that up to 64 channels can be controlled sequentially by a single potentiostat.


  • 8 independent channels per module: WE, CE, RE, S, WE2, GND
  • Each channel with its own electrometer; compliance ±5A and ±20V
  • Stackable up to 8 modules with a total of 64 channels

Technical specifications:

  • Fast channel switching: Because no switches are connected to RE&S, there are no (dis-)charge currents when channels are switched. High impedance (reference-) electrodes require a long stabilization time after each switch. The HiMUX keeps RE&S always connected, and allows for fast channel switches without disturbing the electrochemical cells.
  • Excellent high frequency performance: the design with independent active electrometers allows the whole RE/S cable-length to be enclosed within driven shields. This results in a very low leakage capacitance, and measurements can be done in the high frequency range without performance loss compared to the un-multiplexed situation.
  • Input impedance: >1000 Gohm//<8pF
  • Bandwidth >16 MHz
  • Maximum compliance WE & CE: 5A
  • Automatic channel selection is integrated in the software.

The HiMUX.XR is priced slightly higher than the uMUX but it has the advantage of an electrometer on each channel and faster channel switching. Automatic channel selection is integrated in the software.

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